Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Discovering how to discover

"Where sin abounds, there does grace much more abound."

Facts: grace trumps sin, light overcomes darkness, christians' sins were crucified with Christ, we have been raised in the likeness of his resurrection, we are dead to sin and alive to Christ, sin shall not have dominion over us, etc. So then there remains the realizing of these truths in daily experience. The evidence of the impotence of sin and the reality of the new agenda, the new purpose, the new life, the new pursuit are there for the taking. Faith declares this so, but sight needs to be convinced. Or does it?

Faith believes without having to see, or else faith would not be necessary. Perhaps seeing is required only of the weak. (They required of Jesus a sign, one more proof, yet another miracle.) Faith comprehends what is stated by God to be true without need of evidence. Sin has been conquered. The old nature put to death. All that remains of sin is our memory bank, deception that it is still powerful, and the lure of the flesh from which we have been delivered.

The pull of sin is real, yet the control of it has been broken. The lies of its enslaving power are still well advertized. But the truth is that it is of no effect any more. It has been replaced by the indwelling new nature which far surpasses it.

All right then, the edifice of sin is encountered. It looks formidable, yet we are reminded that it is but an illusion, smoke and mirrors, a lie. Are we then to proceed in denial? Are we schizophrenic, constantly seeing sin but trying to live in the spiritual realm? Not really. God forbid. Where sin appears invincible, grace far exceeds it. The grasping of the truth of this new power source enables the enslaving by the sin nature to be history. Sin is a flimsy bunt, while grace hits it out of the ballpark every time! Sin is a flickering flash light, grace a lightening storm of God's power!

Discovering this truth as the countless scenarios of life play out day by day, hour by hour, is the question, or the issue, or the bottom line. The discovery of how to access the truth when confronted by the 3-D awesomeness of the sin monster, becomes the challenge of the day. This perhaps is the threshhold of entering into real Christian living. This is not for the feeble or half-hearted. But alas, that is me. I am not super-christian. I'll never achieve the ability, the skill, the maturity.

Well, then who is able to stand and pass the test? Who is sufficient for these things? The race is not for the swift or the strongest, but victory was purchased for us by The Lord Jesus Christ. It is in our weakness that his strength is made perfect. If I were smart enough or skilled enough or mature enough, then I would not need a Savior. So the accessing of the grace line to victory must certainly be there and ripe for the picking! I have a few ideas on the connecting of these dots, but will continue another time. Thoughts anyone?