Saturday, February 24, 2007

No Make-Up Needed!

I heard a singer from the Metropolitan Opera interviewed who recalled that in one of his early roles he was selected partly because he would need little if any make-up for the stage! He already "was" that character with no external cosmetics needed. He was ideal for the part.

Psalm 43:5 states that God is the help of our countenance. Unlike the singer, our countenance needs even more than make-up. It requires a total make-over! The verse also says that our soul is in despair, troubled, and disturbed. We need far more than just external maintenance. We need a new power source, a new heart.

This is where God takes over. He must supply from the inside that which externals can only try to imitate or mask. He generates the authentic character of Christ from the very heart. No make-up needed! What you see is what is real. The radiance of His Person is generated from Almighty God in the very innermost parts of our being. Such is the work of God himself. No grease paint, masks or play-acting required. In fact, why try to fake what only our Creator can design? Anything else is hypocritical, phoney and unconvincing.

The point: look to the One who operates on the heart from which all the issues of life emanate. The countenance reflects His mighty work which is done not from without, but from within by Him alone. "He is the help (and sustainer) of my countenance, and my God."