Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What were you born to do?

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh often proclaims confidently, "I was born to host, you were born to listen!" I am always struck by that bold self-assurance of his being totally comfortable with his lot in life, with that which he is gifted and empowered to perform. He loves having an impact on people for principles he holds dear.

One of my colleagues is a totally committed dad, always there for important events in the lives of his children. He is their teacher, their close friend, and coach in the many issues of life. I heard someone say of him, "He's a terrific father." Not surprising; it fits, it's simply what he does. He loves his kids and would do anything for them. It's automatic.

Another colleague seems to be blessed to handle pressure with grace and relaxed confidence. Nothing appears to phase him. Not only able to perform under pressure, he is easy-going and always friendly with a welcome sense of humor. His attitude is contageous.

The perfecting of skills and abilities always draws attention and serves its purpose. But those who excel in reaching people and giving something of themselves might well be remembered far beyond the others. We have a job, a skill, an ability which is not necessarily the reason we are here. Our function goes beyond the work we do. It is the people we impact: those who listen to us, those who watch us, those who benefit by our just being around.

My life is not about my job or my performing of it. My job is only the vehicle that takes me to people and situations that will ultimately define my purpose. The attitude consistently displayed will be our most powerful sermon. And the people we reach will first be those within our own family.

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