Saturday, December 08, 2007

Goal Tending

Chasing a career goal is rarely like we thought it would be. Instead of a clear path to achievement, we encounter unforeseen obstacles. (Imagine that!) Without some good far sightedness, our vision and courage can give way to doubt and disillusionment. As a result, we begin running in slow motion or wind up not running at all.

What we fail to see is that the very obstacles in our path are actually the courses needed for success. They must be confronted and overcome. The path to achievement usually goes through the cities of difficult people, unpleasant circumstances, and overwhelming odds. Just look at the road to the White House! Pressures determine and refine the quality of the product.

We need regular goal tending. That means setting a watch around that which is most important, making sure that activities are aiding our pursuit and not hampering. Our commitment to remain focused on our purpose is being tested.

Not only are the exercising of career disciplines important, but so too are the mental skills. And the mental part is perhaps the most important and most difficult. It is drive and persistence that fuel the everyday journey. We find out what we are made of by the way we view and tackle the obstacles to success. If we are surprised and offended by every unwelcome intruder, then we easily loose focus and become less effective. Perspective is everything. When we see challenges as tools being used to build and improve our character and competence, then there is a whole new purpose for them.

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