Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Planting for Tomorrow

If you want to be prepared for the next concert, certain things are needful, others are not! Every skill makes its demands upon us and there are no shortcuts. There is a "weeding" process required for success as well as a time of "planting". A good day just doesn't happen. Left to chance, chances are good for failure. "Cause and effect" still rules, fortunately and unfortunately. Just as disciplines must be practiced over time, fresh inspiration and specific preparation must be in place before a successful performance can be achieved.

So it is in our spiritual walk. Victories and fulfilling ministries just don't happen by chance. Old thought processes and useless activities produce blindness and a lack of focus which must be replaced by a new direction which is aimed solely at success. Sowing to the flesh reaps failure, defeat, and death, while sowing to the Spirit yields life. The truth is that we reap what we have sown. What we are sowing today will definitely affect our future results. And what we reap tomorrow can indicate what kind of sowing has been going on.

If the Christian life were only about our diligent farming skills, we would all still be in desperate need of some government bail-out assistence! Fortunately, success does not depend upon our finite abilities. Preparing for tomorrow simply involves a genuine and consistent seeking after our life source, the Lord Jesus Christ. His Word provides the direction, focus and energy needed for each day. Faith in His wisdom for us, and remaining convinced of the superiority of His ways provides the basis for our success.

It is good to know that He maintains his grasp on his children and that our success is not based on our trying to "perform" for Him. Our success depends on our willingness to see His work played out in the hour-by-hour events of our day. He thinks upon us, takes great interest in us, delights in us, and empowers us for the success of His will. In fact, He has conquered our unwillingness to even want to participate with Him! He is totally committed to our success. A no-brainer, can't fail situation!

Planting wisely for tomorrow then, is nothing more than gaining His perspective on the events that He brings our way, and allowing Him to remove the blinders of sin that block our view of Him. This is accomplished by His Word.

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