Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Amazing Escape

The evacuation was a success! Mission completed! You have now entered the life zone, and you are about to embark on a brand new adventure. The scenery may look the same, but the rules have changed. You no longer are connected to the old support system. A new life line far superior has replaced your old responses. You are now free to access the new system. You are no longer living in the domain of darkness. Welcome to the Kingdom of God!

He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son." Col.1:13

Fact: Your wiring for self-serving disobedience has been disconnected, and a new computerized response system has been installed during your flight. The old behavior patterns may signal you that it is still intact, but those responses are only "ghost" nerve endings that have been permanently severed. Your memory will remind you of what once was, but there is no more power there to control you. Heavenly technology has been implanted within your chest and new celestial mechanics are securely in place. Your new system works perfectly! In short, the old is gone, destroyed, rendered forever ineffective. Your new behavior is now driven by a highly sophisticated system which is empowered from beyond this known world. You should like the results.

Usage: You need to know how this new behavioral system operates. It is not driven by your five senses. It is fully dependent upon your being convinced that it indeed controls you, which it does. Your senses may tell you that it doesn't work, and your mind will try to explain away its reality. But it has the power to alter your thinking, your desires, your speech and your whole course of life!

It will thrive as it is routinely accessed by your belief in its effectiveness. Your manual is the Word of God which will create favorable conditions for your belief (or faith) to grow. Your faith will grow not by faith in the new system, but by faith in the One who gave you the system. Neglect the user's manual, and you will find this new technology strangely inefficient. Devour the manual, and you will know well its very Author!

This new life has been provided for you at enormous cost. Do not take it lightly. Become quite familiar with it. You may use it as much as you wish, for it will never fail you or need repair. You will even find that it will thoroughly acquaint you with its Maker and the One who purchased it for you!

Can you go back to the old system? You can pretend, but why would you want to?! You have been successfully delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of his dear Son!

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