Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Do not pass GO . . . Do not collect $200

The road is never smooth for long. It has its bumps, straight-aways, turns, climbs and downhills, but it always keeps going somehow. There are tedious treks, many short hauls, and even occasional smooth sailing, but the road continues for hundreds of miles, and the journey for all its obstacles is all still good.

Mile after mile the pavement stretches out meeting the horizon. Gas is cheap, the radio is loud, the car will drive forever, and we are all bullet-proof. But at some point up ahead the road is suddenly closed, apparently without warning with not even a detour in sight. The bridge is out until further notice and the journey comes to a hault.

In retrospect it was a good ride, driving full speed ahead with plenty of great times and rewards. Perspective changes quickly however. All of yesterday's storms, traffic and rough travel so sadly and effectively clouded a clear view at the time. Why is the pavement far behind and miles ahead always more attractive? A mirage of deception. The trip of the present causes whining and stress, while the look forwards and back is always seen through carefree glasses.

Somehow GO was always passed by, even if it said not to. $200 was always collected, it was automatic! It was owed us! We always got out of jail free, and eventually even landed on FREE PARKING. But fat city doesn't last forever and the game eventually ends.

One can take heart nonetheless that there was a warning before the road ended! Barriers and signs were there to prevent dissaster, dangers that we did not or would not foresee. Directions must be changed for the benefit of the drivers. A better way must often confront us without our appoval. Left to ourselves we would choose poorly more often than not. He who watches and guides our path always directs wisely. Another road, another destination, another kind of trip. Maybe this time the splendor of the journey will not be missed, and the precious few days of the rerouting might be enjoyed.


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